Stephen O’Donnell, Founder

For several months in the summer of 2011, I had been thinking about the interconnected nature of social media platforms, and in particular the framework, within which Twitter operates.

Initially as a bit of fun, I designed a game, which would use the contents of individual’s Twitter Stream to generate a unique puzzle.  I found that the data could easily be accessed via the Twitter API, and that the OAuth authentication system (used by Twitter and Facebook) was easy to implement. Firstly I tried other game formats, but none were satisfactory, and as easily understood by all as the crossword format.

In order to progress from an intellectual exercise to a working game, it was essential that I found a developer, who could make my design a reality.  As someone steeped in the social media world, I did the obvious thing; I wrote a blog about it!

I worked on the concept, gameplay and practicalities of TwitWordy.  Initially, I planned a web only game, but soon decided that a mobile version for smartphones would be much more suitable.  Ideally, I’d also like to produce a tablet version, and a Facebook App.


For more details on the evolution of TwitWordy, please see my post here.