I’d really appreciate it if you would complete the following short survey.


This will help ensure that your feedback is carefully considered in the design of the Twitwordy App for iPhone.  Thank you.

(PS. Don’t worry about the little code glitch at the end, the survey still works fine)

Stephen O’Donnell


1. Do you use Twitter regularly?

2. How many people do you follow on Twitter?

3. Which other Social Media Platforms do you use?

4. Do you use a smartphone?

5. Which operating system does your smartphone use?

6. Do you play games on your phone?

7. Which games appeal to you most? Select each that apply

8. Have you watched the TwitWordy video?

9. Have you played the demo of TwitWordy?  

10. Did you find TwitWordy easy to understand?

11. Which flaws can you see in the planned TwitWordy game?

12. Can you suggest any improvements to the planned game?

13. Would you download and play a free version of TwitWordy?

14. Would you pay 69 pence to download the Twitwordy app?